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About Red Giant Electrical

Solar & electrical services


Red Giant is Leading Electrical and Solar Company specializing in Commercial & Residential electrical installations, Commercial & Residential Solar installations, including renovations.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality products on the market with the MOST experienced team working all over South Africa.


Striving to build a nation that is energy self-reliant and being a leader in the electrical contracting and renewable energy sector.


Red Giant Electrical exists to accelerate the African continent into the future of electrical contracting and renewable energy by bringing affordable electrical solutions to the energy crisis, lighting up every home on the african continent, and in turn saving our planet.

Our Values



Togetherness, compassion, respect and dignity are values that Ubuntu represents, because only by having such qualities will we make a positive change in the world.



Innovation is whaat allows us to learn. We constantly strive to be innovative by creating new ideas and new approaches for energy solutions, this approach enables us to create calue and impel our clients into the future with regards to energy solutions.



our focus is on productivity and managing costs to provide our customers with the lowest prices because customers are our priority. Numba-wan is a fanagolo word deleved and used by South African mining companies composed of Nguni English and Afrikaans. Translated to English, this means number one, and this suggests that our customers are our priority and that employee action will be geared towards the best prices, customer service, and satisfaction.

Be Green

Be Green

Be green focuses on taking personal responsibility for our impacts on the environment, be green is about developing a new way of thinking, one that embraces the environment and positive changes to save our planet.



Passion as a value is an internal motivator, a unique desire, not forced on us, it’s passion that keeps us up to date learning the newest technology and passion that impels us to evolve to provide service offerings to clients even when clients do know they need it yet, it’s this passion that holds our standards high.


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